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Software Research, Inc., San Francisco, CA  94107  USA  
  • Pioneer of automated desktop and web application and performance testing.
    • Served the automated client-server testing and web testing community for > 25 years.
    • Originated: automated test capture (recording; low-code) and interpretive playback: automated regression testing; automated DOM-based web application testing; auto-instrumented code coverage checking; related static and dynamic program analysis technologies.
  • eValid™ V9 runs on Microsoft Windows 10 with IE 11.

eValid Patent Portfolio  


  • An early patent priority date protects eValid's foundational web application testing technology.
    • Multiple US Utility Patents issued.
    • Multiple patent applications in progress.
    • Patents cited by > 367 other patents and applications of > 91 companies and organizations.
    • Referenced by USPTO in examiner rejections of > 217 patent applications and cited specifically by an examiner in > 66 cases.
  • If you are interested in licensing eValid technology please see: eValid Technology & Opportunities.

eValid WebSite   Automated Web
Application Testing

Technology Leader
From 2000

  • Pioneered web application testing using test-enabled browsers based on native capabilities.
    • Original browser-based client-side web applications testing product: 2000.
    • Software Development Jolt Award: 2003.
    • Achieved ~1,000 eValid installations worldwide in 2008.
    • eValid™ testing technology fully incorporated in the W3C WebDriver standard, now in "CR" status at 05 June 2018.
    • Active eValid™ User Forum where users discuss functional testing, load testing, website scanning, security checking, and performance monitoring.
  • eValid™ Home Page.

TestWorks Website   Client-server
Test Automation

Technology Leader
1992 - 2002

  • Milestones in developmented of automated test technology for client-server systems:
    • Automated test rcording/playback system for Windows (1984).
    • Automated GUI test capture/playback for XWindows (1990).
    • Structural (branch, C1) test coverage analyzer for C/C++ (1991).
    • Path-test coverage (Ct) analyzer (1993).
    • > 4,000 TestWorks licenses at over 1,750 sites (1994).
    • Software Magazine Top 500 Award: 1998, 1999
    • Integrated QA functions: GUI test capture/playback (Unix & Windows), automated regression testing, intelligent image comparison with OCR, static analysis (1994); automated code metrics (1995).
    • Unified UNIX, XWindows, Microsoft Windows product architecture (1996).
  • TestWorks™ is a legacy product from 2002.

Quality Week Conferences   Industry Leader
Technology Transfer

Software QA
Testing Automation

  • Fifteen QualityWeek™ (QW 1988-2002) and five QualityWeek/Europe™(QWE 1998-2002) conferences advanced and popularized automated testing of desktop and web applications.

  • QW/QWE served over 15,000 academic and industry leaders in open international technology forums supporting a range of innovative concepts in software testing, quality assurance, performance measurement, and software security and reliability.

  • QW/QWE fostered hundreds of consultants' and technologists' professional careers, including many of today's software testing technology leaders. Overall there were 1,096 papers presented, vetted by an International Advisory Board of 131 academics and industrial technology leaders.

Software Research, Inc.
P.O. Box 410453
San Francisco, CA 94141 USA
Phone: +1 (415) 861-2800
FAX: +1 (415) 861-9801

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