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Software Research, Inc., San Francisco, CA  94107  USA  
  • Pioneered automated desktop and web application and performance testing.
    • Served the application testing community for > 30 years.
    • Originated automated test capture and playback, automated regression testing, automated web application testing, auto-instrumented code coverage checking, and related static and dynamic program analysis technologies.
  • eValid™ V9 runs with IE on Windows (through Windows 10).

eValid Patent Portfolio  


  • An early patent priority date protects eValid's foundational web application testing technology.
    • Multiple US Utility Patents issued.
    • Multiple patent applications in progress.
    • Patents cited by > 317 other patents and applications of > 71 companies and organizations.
    • Referenced by USPTO in examiner rejections of > 198 patent applications and cited specifically by an examiner in > 65 cases.
  • Interested in licensing eValid technology? See: eValid Technology & Opportunities.

eValid WebSite   Automated Web
Application Testing

Technology Leader
From 2000

  • Originated web application testing using test-enabled (fully instrumented) browsers.
    • Original browser-based web testing product: 2000.
    • Software Development Jolt Award: 2003.
    • Achieved ~1,000 eValid installations in 2008.
    • eValid™ testing technology fully incorporated in W3C WebDriver standard, now in "CR" status at 30 March 2018.
    • Active eValid™ User Forum for functional testing, load testing, website scanning, security checking, and performance monitoring.
  • eValid™ Home Page.

TestWorks Website   Client-server
Test Automation

Technology Leader
From 1992

  • Milestones in developmented of automated test technology for client-server systems:
    • Automated test rcording/playback system for Windows (1984).
    • Automated GUI test capture/playback for XWindows (1990).
    • Structural (branch, C1) test coverage analyzer for C/C++ (1991).
    • Path-test coverage (Ct) analyzer (1993).
    • > 4,000 TestWorks licenses at over 1,750 sites (1994).
    • Software Magazine Top 500 Award: 1998, 1999
    • Integrated QA functions: GUI test capture/playback (Unix & Windows), automated regression testing, intelligent image comparison with OCR, static analysis (1994); automated code metrics (1995).
    • Unified UNIX, XWindows, Microsoft Windows product architecture (1996).
  • TestWorks™ is a now legacy product available with limited support.

Quality Week Conferences   Industry Leader
Technology Transfer

Software QA/Testing
Technology Education

  • Twenty QualityWeek™ (QW 1988-2002) and QualityWeek/Europe™(QWE 1998-2002) conferences advanced and popularized automated testing of desktop and web applications.

  • QW/QWE served over 15,000 academic and industry leaders in open international technology forums supporting a range of innovative concepts in software testing, quality assurance, performance measurement, and software security and reliability.

  • QW/QWE fostered hundreds of consultants' and technologists' professional careers, including many of today's software testing technology leaders.

Software Research, Inc.
P.O. Box 410453
San Francisco, CA 94141 USA
Phone: +1 (415) 861-2800
FAX: +1 (415) 861-9801

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