SR/TestWorks/QualityWeek/eValid -- Outgoing Communication Summary

Updated: Thursday 10 March 2022

Through its various activities beginning in 1978 Software Research (SR) has interacted with the software testing and quality control community in a variety of ways, combining outbound communications (TTN, QTN, QMM, and the eValid BLOG) and community activities like Quality Week/Quality Week Europe. Below are details about the progress of this activity.

Situation At January 2022
From May 1978 to January 2022 makes this ~44 years of communication into the greater "software testing and software quality community". However, the Google Groups sites for Selenium, WATIR, and WebDriver have largely taken over the central-communications role.

It is worth mentioning that the old Usenet system, of which was a part. was also central to this community; that newsgroup still exists as a Google Group: Comp.Software.Testing.