Software Research, Inc. — Leadership


Edward F. Miller, PhD


With degrees in Applied Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and after several decades of experience in software technology consulting assignments (many with government units and involving military applications), Miller was ideally suited to develop technologies for automating quality assurance of software. He pioneered automated regression testing, test coverage analysis, automated functional testing, web applications testing, and exploitation of web-browser internals for testing and monitoring web browser enabled applications (much of which technology is embodied in a series of U.S. Patents).


Rita M. Bral, MA
VP/Corporate Communications


Rita M. Bral has been ideally prepared to assure the quality of the Software Research, Inc., message. She graduated from the University of Ghent, Belgium, with a BA in Art History, a Master’s in Roman Philology and an Aggregate in Pedagogy. As Executive Director of Software Research Institute, from 1988 through 2002, she produced and managed 20 successful Quality Week and Quality Week/Europe Conferences, in San Francisco and Brussels. Her vision brought together Academic Researchers and Industry Practitioners to share and exchange the latest software developments and applications. Her quinta-linguistic training, ananlytical and organizational skills helped those events to well-deserved success, affecting or starting the careers of thousands of software quality professionals. She continues to contribute and advise different non-profit organizations as ex-President or as Member of the Board.